Coaching Staff

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Scott Cooper, Matt Whiteside and Dave Pregon are the lead coaches for the Gamers Team Program.

Combined, they have over 30 years of professional baseball experience, with over 15 years in the major leagues. They have a deep knowledge of baseball, plus an extensive network of former major league players and coaches that can be called on to help Gamers get to the next level.

There is no other team program in our region that offers this level of youth baseball coaching and baseball experience to 10-18 year old players.

Scott, Matt and Dave have a passion for teaching baseball to young men.

The Gamers coaching staff is experienced and well trained.  Each coach in the program is certified as a “Double Goal Coach” by the Positive Coaching Alliance.  At 14u and above, Gamers teams are coached by baseball professionals, coaches with decades of pro ball and college baseball experience. These same coaches lead the Winter training and Summer practice program for the teams.  We do not have outside instructors in our program. No one is just there in the Winter, then disappears to the next gig.   All of the instruction in the Gamers program is provided by members of our coaching staff, by coaches who get to know every player in the program.

Our professional coaching lineup includes:

Matt Whiteside – former MLB pitcher, Owner ASP

Scott Cooper – former MLB player, two -time MLB All-Star, college head coach, roving instructor for St. Louis Cardinals, Instructor at ASP

Dave Pregon – former professional player, long time coach/instructor, Owner ASP

Kevin Wheeler – former college player, ASP instructor, sports radio personality

Scott Davis – former college player, high school coach

James Beever – former college player @ SEMO, professional player

Nick Aboussie – former college player, high school coach, ASP Instructor

Nick Beckmann – former college player, high school coach, ASP Instructor

Jim Foster – college player, coach at Wash U

Justin Rosen –  former college player, high school coach

Ross Clites – former college player, college coach, ASP Instructor

James Smith – former college player, high school coach

CJ Bilbrey – former college player, college coach, ASP Instructor

Brett Fruend – former college player, ASP Instructor

Andy Marks – former college player @ Kansas, ASP Instructor

Matt Polittes – forer college player @ Wash U

Bryan Neidbalski – former Gamer, College player at Iowa, ASP Instructor/personal trainer

Derek Mazzio – former Gamer, colllege player at SLU

Paul Richmond – former Gamer, college player at UMSL

Andrew Quinn – former Gamer, college player at DePauw

These professional coaches are supported a group of great volunteer coaches, men who have been leaders in the St. Louis youth baseball community.  2013 volunteer coaches include:

Leland Macon

Dave Stauss

Dan Bishop

Pat Burns

Sean Hazelton

Vince Ebersoldt

Rich Loomis

Mark Yocum

Billy Smith

Michael Gardner

Mark Gallion

Professional coaches, combined with the an incredible group of volunteer coaches.