What are Gamers Academy Teams?

  • For 8-11u teams & players
  • Traditional dad-coached and managed teams ... 
  • ... combined with 8 week off-season Gamers instructional program, taught by Gamers' coaches
  • Plus access to All-Star Performance training facilities for off-season and in-season practices
  • Gamers program uniform pricing from Johnny Mac's

The Result:

  • Basically the same as most youth team team programs in the region  ===> Dad coached team combined with instructional program and access to facilities
  • But is is the Gamers instruction program => which is the best around...
  • ... Combined with All-Star Performance => the best baseball training center in the region
  • At a very reasonable cost


Key Features of Program

  • Gamers 8 week instructional program, taught by Gamers coaches
  • Access to All-Star Performance for off-season and in-season training and practices
  • Tournaments and league schedule determined by coaches
  • All volunteer or dad coaches make roster and lineup decisions
  • Access to Gamers style of play, life lesson and coaching program (but no oversight or enforcement by Gamers directors)
  • Gamers Academy uniform package from Johnny Mac's 
  • Combination of above --good program quality, low cost compared to other options


Differences between Gamers Academy Teams and Gamers Teams (10-12u)

  • Gamers teams have direct oversight from Gamers directors on coaching, team performance and individual player performance
  • Gamers teams include coaching, academic, life lesson and style of play policies and programs (this is optional for Academy team coaches)
  • Gamers teams have significantly more hours of professional instruction/coaching hours in off-season and in-season practices (Academy teams just have similar instructional hours as other local programs)
  • Gamers teams play most competitive schedule possible (Academy teams will play a talent-approprirate schedule determined by the coaches)
  • Expectations of Gamers players/teams are vey high (Academy team expectations are more flexible and talent appropriate) 
  • Gamers teams are more expensive than Academy Teams, because of the additional training/instruction and more intensive schedule

Gamers Academy Teams -- similar to other "team programs" in the region, except with Gamers' instructional program and All-Star Performance facilities.